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From Everything.Sucks, Inc. is an American e-commerce company based in Boca Raton, Florida, that sells vitamins, supplements and organic grocery products. The company was bought by Kroger in 2014. Vitacost was inducted into Inc Magazine's "Inc. 500 Lifetime Hall of Fame," in 2006 as one of the US's 500 fastest-growing privately held businesses for five consecutive years (2001–2005).

"I am very disappointed with the customer service I received on my order this morning." says "Linda" on a review o Vitacost on ConsumerAffairs on September 21, 2020:

"I am very disappointed with the customer service I received on my order this morning. I thought I had a coupon for 20% off that was sent to me at the end of last month as a "We've missed you". But it expired. On Sunday evening around 7:30 pm CST I placed A $300 order and at 8 am the next morning I received a coupon for 10% off my order. I called to see if they would honor the 10% coupon since it was less than 24 hours. Danielle the customer service said they could not honor the discount. I asked to speak to someone else. She said she was talking to her supervisor who also said they could not backdate the discount. Had I know that the coupon would be in my email the next morning I would have waited."


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Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"The hr department have no knowledge of the job always give false information and the management team dont know what they doing at the job they over work and under pay you DiscountsWork enivorment is bad negative people at the job"

Static (Former Employee) says

"They say your schedule is 3pm to 11pm monday thru friday yet they work you Sundays to and keep you to 230 im the morning! Management is unprofessional when it comes to employees and shows favoritism. Co-workers will take sides with their own kind and leave some treated like dirt. Gossip is the worst when it comes to vitacost. Even if you say or do Nothing they will bring your name into it. They will even fire the wrong ones and keep the ones starting stuff. If you like getting paid don't work at vitacost. They short your checks and wonder why you decide to call out on a Sunday?! Because they dont pay OT like they say they will. I recommend this job to noone! Their scanners are all messed up too. If they even have a scanner when you are clocked in lol. If you like stress or things started against you then by all means work there...i advise anyone with a little sense to go to a temp agency first. This is by far the worst place ever!NoneEverything is wrong with this company"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Don't waist your time here.This place truly is the worst place I have ever worked.All they care about is them selfs not the employees.They don't appreciate your work and no raise ."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Average benefits, easy job. Terrible management and HR. You work crazy hours. No teamwork and certain areas are cutthroat.Way too much drama allowed in the workplace. No ones cares about the employees.BenefitsLots of crazyness"

Hourly Associate (Former Employee) says

"The interview process is the most unprofessional I have ever experienced. Interviewer walks out and asks the HR rep to send me home because she was "tired.""

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management is rude, HR does not help with concerns. Lots of gossip and bigotry. The worst job I've ever had. Co-workers are mean and unfriendly. Did not like going to work.Minimum WageFavoritism, Negative environment"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked on a non typical part time shift with out any benefits. I stood on my feet on concrete flooring for 8 hours straight. I had one 15 min break and one 30 min break for supper. I worked in the pack department. I learned that some customers are waaaay to picky. Management didn't know much about anything. One of the supervisors didn't know what to do if we had a tornado or any kind of bad weather come through while on shift. The culture was hectic and somewhat unfriendly. Asking someone to do something different beside what you were hired to do, is like asking them to cut off their own arm. The hardest part of the job will have to be keeping up your performance ratings, and if your under 95% they give you major junk about it. The most enjoyable part would have to be meeting new people and making some friends.noneshort breaks, discourage you from using the bathroom"

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Favoritism by management. The associate are lazy and use the job as a dating service. HR staff is rude, unprofessional and lack knowledge. Overworked, underpaid, only hire Mexicans.Minimum WageRacism, Favoritism, Overrall bull...."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"I dislike vitacost I didn't enjoy my time working there no matter how good you are they don't show you any change they lied about within a year that they would give you a raise. The hours are crazy and they don't even give you a 24 hour notice when you have to come in an extra day.Good peopleShort lunches and they don't pay enough"

Warehouse AssociateWarehouse associate (Former Employee) says

"This company suck they only care about there group of people. I really don't know if the HR lady has the right tools to Be HR. This company is racist they only care about is the Mexicans. If you are black and working here GOOD LUCK!"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst job ever!!!! So happy to get out of that place. Employees are lazy and full drama. Management sucks. Have nasty attitudes and fake smiles. HR by far hideous. HR is filled with undocumented workers so you know where this place is headed. VITACRAP!!!I got out aliveEmployees, management and hr"

wherehouse (Former Employee) says

"You will experience discrimination from everyone starting from the interview all the way to your first check. I didn't feel welcome at vitacost. The most Racist Company to work for.JobDiscrimination thrives here"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company doesn't care about how they treat their employees. They talk to you like a dog and treat you even worse. I worked there almost 6 years and they would rather give a stranger off the street a job than advance a veteran of the company to the same job. If you don't get back to your job in the whole 10 minutes they give you (and it takes 2 of those minutes one way to get to the break room) the lead will write your name down as if you were in middle school which can lead up to a write up. This company is a complete joke. There are to many bad things to put on this review, I don't have that kind of time. So I would recommend looking else where for employment.n/ashort breaks, low pay, poor management, insurance really expensive"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company was very unorganized and didn't care about their employees at all. The pay is not competitive and they hire all of their friends and family"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The management was not very organized in the workplace. The company would send out coupon codes that were expired, this happened at least twice a month. This would result in hundreds of customers calling in upset because the codes were expired. Supervisors would not take calls from irate customers, even when the customers would specifically ask for a supervisor or manager. If the call queue would become backed up during your lunch, supervisors would come to find you in the break room or in the parking lot to have you clock in and work the phones. Also, while taking multiple phone calls daily, you would have to multi-task researching emails of customer complaints and live chat messages.We received $20 gift cards at Thanksgiving.expensive healthcare, not enough staff to manage the telephones"

Warehouseman/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work.Went in office for 60 day review and was told at this time we feel you and Vitacost are not a good fit and we feel it best we part ways at this time.Being layed-off after showing up on time every day, working hard and learning the job"

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"This company was an embarrassment to my career. The organization is toxic and the management/leadership are untrusting individuals. IT has an ex cop as a leader and the COO was recently let go. I am still here, but as soon as I can leave I will. The benefits; there are none; just the usual insurance. This place is ridiculous.location, smart peopleeverything else; gossip, drama and a ridiculously poor it and marketing leadership team that constantly fights."

Purchasing (Former Employee) says

"Management makes bad decisions and finds people to blame and cover up their mistakeseverything"

Inventory Control Manager (Current Employee) says

"The work is inconsistent and mandatory overtime. They tell you , without notice, that you must come in on your day off or work over. The pay does not equal the amount of work and pressure you inquire."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management is disrespectful, horrible communication, people come and go very easily. Dont have time for family because of this job. Dont pay enough at all.No ProsEverything"

Former Employee - Maintenance Technician says

"horrible maintenance department poor management"

Current Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"Mandated overtime with less than an hours notice, management cares very little about associates"

Current Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"DO NOT WORK HERE!!! I got hired on did the drug testing back ground you name it. I was told I could resign from my job after hearing from vitacost hr department with a starting week which I did and I was a week I would start and then nothing I call after working my last 2weeks at my other job to find out they are over staffed???? But no one called no one emailed nobody did nothing and it’s crazy how nobody cares that my children are hungry and bills need to be paid I’m trying my best to keep my cool in the situation but I did everything right trying to give my new and old jobs respect but vitacost doesn’t respect the people who are willing to work and wonder why people don’t show up for work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Drama, seems very caty and childish for no reason. Most of them are stuck up, hey it's boca. It smells funny. They don't always follow their values. They assume too much."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Policies Procedures Everyday Operations People Mostly Quit Some Get Fired Probation A Joke --- Don't Waste Your Time"

Current Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"Drama Drama Drama ...ppl talk about ppl without even knowing you if ur not liked they find a way to get you fired"

Warehouse Picker says

"They expect for employees to run around the building to get a 100 percent on their performance score. If you don't get to a 100 percent they will discharge you. They only give you a final write up and then discharge you. Follow you around as you gone do something to them. Rude management and leads. Doesn't accept doctors notes. SAVE SOME TIME AND DO NOT APPLY !!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company has no direction or goals. It starts with the people in leadership roles lacking experience and trickles throughout the company. This has lead to a horrible environment where people either don't care and put in minimal effort or step all over each other to try to get noticed."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is completely lost. Professionals are treated poorly, like low-level hourly labor."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No opportunities to grow. Poor management. Toxic moral environment. Gossip and different standards for management and employers."

Christine says

"Vita cost is dishonest about their promotions. I ordered a BOGO offer on vitamin C. I put one in my virtual cart but the other didn’t show up (took a screenshot photo). So, I proceeded to put the second one in the cart, thinking they would discount the other at the checkout, or worst case scenario, send me two free bottles. Nope! Instead, they sent me two bottles, charging me full price for each one! I chatted online with an employee named Onica who said the offer was nullified when I put the second bottle in the cart, and proceeded to say the offer would have showed up at the checkout. I explained to her that the offer didn’t show up in the cart, and that by not showing this to the customer it is deceptive. She offered a 5% discount, instead of the original 50% (bogo) offer. Told her that was unacceptable. This company is dishonest in their dealings and would not work to make this first time buyer experience right. I will not be using Vitacost again. They left a bad taste in my mouth with their poor business practices. I will be using Puritans Pride instead, and will warn everyone I know about Vitacost’s deceptive business practices! #VitacostSucks"

C.M. Martin says

"Vitacost insists on using FedEx-a shipper with a 62% accuracy rate. Today they mis-delivered another order to who knows who-it wasn't me although it was reported as such. FedEx regularly does this to me, as well as throwing packages they are too lazy to walk to the door. See YouTube! Vitacost now uses India-based customer service, and after 3 phone calls got someone who spoke decent English and could help me, but refused to use other than Fed Ex for the reship. There are no local numbers for FedEx, only a national number, and no human reps. Just an infuriating robo agent. Avoid both Vitacost and any shipper using Fed Ex!"

Sum says

"Waited for 70 days, did not receive my order. Reached out to Vitacost and requested for a refund, was ignored by them. Please shop on another website if you could."

Ines Krizanic says

"Never got my order Customer support ignores you Scam!"

Stacy N says

"I ordered over a week ago and I was suppose to get my order 7 days ago. The order was split into two deliveries by Ontrac. One order is sitting in the shipping facility just an hour away from me now for five days because a soy sauce broke and they are waiting for Vitacost to contact them to let them know what to do. Ontrac said this is Vitacost protocol and that they are not to ship with broken items without their permission. They have sent Vitacost photos and have tried to contact them for four days now and they are not returning their calls. The other order is still not here either. I spoke on chat three times with Vitacost. The first two I was disconnected and instead of them fixing the issue knowing the order number and the issue they just decided to do nothing because we were disconnected. The third time I spoke with the rudest customer service rep named Shanique. I told her the issues and said I needed this food overnighted. The reason being is because I ordered this food specific with my meal prepping plan and other ingredients I bought to pair with these items from the grocery store are perishable and they have now gone bad and I can no longer use them. She said she was going to overnight the same items in the box with the broken soy sauce. Well I still haven't received them and when I looked at the items that she ordered... she ordered the wrong ones. So I'm going to get the wrong items anyway when I finally get my food. So basically I ordered food over a week ago to go with a meal plan specific for lupus because I'm having major health issues from it and the day before I was suppose to get my food I went to the grocery store and bought my perishable ingredients and they are now bad and have been thrown out. Waste of money, waste of time. I will NEVER order from this company again. They can careless about your concerns and they are rude. My order is still sitting just an hour away from me. Worst time for this during a pandemic when I am high risk and try very hard not to go into public to get my groceries."

Cathy Baby says

"I had some defective items And some reactions, And some stuff that would expire in 2 months! Which fda is suposed to be notified Well anyways they aproved me to get refund and then id get a refund Well then they put covid rules up Cant return nothing Been waiting since march 2020 I kept going to website And said no returns I called And they said no Oh its my fault cuz i didnt send in before covid Blamed me. Well im gonna put this all over the internet Buyer beware Do not buy from them"

Bionic mama II says

"First time and last time ordering from Vitacost. I placed a sizable order before Xmas. 2 day shipping was delayed by a couple extra days. No problem, understandable. Tracking # stated it will be delivered Monday. Monday came and went.... nothing. Checked tracking # the following day and it stated it was delivered to our front door the night before. Not true! I called the delivery company “On Trac” , but all they can do is “find out where driver was that day”. After looking up reviews on the delivery company, I was blown away Vitacost would even use such an unreliable company. I immediately began an “online chat” with Vitacost in which you are told you are “connected” but then wait forever for a response. And once you get a response it takes forever to get further responses from each line of “chat” you send through. It’s as if they have 1 person trying to “chat” with multiple people all at one time. One response I received had nothing to do with my order and after questing the response, I was told to disregard it. The final response I received regarding my missing order was simply, “I have sent a request to have your account credited back” “please allow 3-5 days to reach out to you via email”. End of conversation. I expected , “ We are truly sorry. We can reship your order and expedite it if you’d like.... OR ....we can issue you a credit”. Their response let’s me know that I am not valued as a customer as well as letting me know they are aware they are using a highly unreliable company to deliver their products and therefore can’t afford to offer to “reship” a customers items knowing the probability of the items not making it to their destination is too great of a risk. I’m disappointed 😔. I expected more from Vitacost."

Roberto Rocha says

"I never received my order. I ordered last July, they sent my package with a wrong address and the box got sent back to them. I've sent them multiple emails with detailed information but they never came up with a solution to my problem or sent me any reasonable answer. Not to mention they were very slow to respond. Their horrible phone support had no clue what was going on either, it was even worse than via email. I had to explain myself multiple times and received completely different answers every time I contacted them. I used to be a very loyal and happy customer before this order. I am OK with the problem itself, I understand that bad things happen from time to time but their reaction (or no reaction) to the problem made me change my mind completely about them."

Mindy says

"Vitacost CS has went down hill. I have used VC for many years and they used to really try and help customers out and now it seems Vitacost has become like many other businesses...greedy and money hungry. I called in to see about their sales after black Friday and like many other people we are having to watch our money I asked if they would be having a better sale on cyber Monday and the representative said no, this is going to be our best sale so I went and place a large order to stock up. Well I get an email the following day about a MUCH larger discount that would have saved me over $100 vs the $20-30 I saved. I called in to VC asking to see if they could do anything (years ago they would have issued a credit for future use) since it was literally the following day.The answer was a hard NO. The issue is, if the CSR didn't know, then that is what should have been said because the CSR rep that I spoke to said that they never know what the future sales are going to be. So, the first rep lied and that is the issue I have. This company doesn't take any accountability for their actions. Over $100 is a lot of money that VC took from me due to neglect on their end."

Jason says

"These people don't respond to your inquireies. Customer service does not respond."

Joh Miller says

"Wife ordered $300 plus no ship week 1, then VISA charged but still no ship. Week later Visa refunded. All this while in the dark. Two more weeks no way to find out what going on. Wife ordered all from other companies. Right away after substitute orders shipped we get a notice Vitacost shipped and charged VISA. This is dirty way to deal with people. Now we owe double for stuff you can seldom tell if it actually works. Why don't they send us a shipping label to send everything back?"

GLENN P says

"Been ordering from them for 10 years and this is the last straw. Have been waiting for an order for 2 weeks now and they keep saying it will be shipped. You can't track anything on their website very poor customer service. This will be my LAST order from them."

Christophe says

"Impossible d'avoir quelqu'un en chat ou une réponse à un mail. J'ai un colis bloqué à la douane allemande depuis le 27/11/20. Je ne sais pas pourquoi... Je n'ai aucune taxe à régler (Dixit Vitacost). Sales Tax: $0.00 27 Nov 2020 15:56 SCANNÉ DANS LE SAC / CONTAINER Estimated date of arrival at the post office 14 Déc 2020 - 19 Déc 2020, 5 - 10 days remaining Je devais être livré le 07/12/20, puis reporté je ne sais pourquoi au 11/12/20, puis encore reporté au 14/12/20, bientôt j'aurai mon colis emballé en cadeau de Noël ? Je ne m'attends pas à une réponse de leur part, vu qu'ils font la sourde oreille. Mais pour vendre, ils entendent bien ! Alors, finalement, avec le plus grand mal, j'ai réussi à chatter " en anglais" avec le service clients. Il paraît qu'ils ont 60 jours pour livrer. Au delà, il faut joindre le service assurance pour se faire rembourser. Impossible to have someone in chat or reply to an email. I have a package blocked at the German customs since 11/27/20. I don’t know why... I have no tax to pay (Dixit Vitacost). Sales Tax: $0.00 Nov 27, 2020 15:56 SCANNED IN BAG / CONTAINER Estimated date of arrival at the post office Dec 14, 2020 - Dec 19, 2020, 5 - 10 days remaining I had to be delivered on 12/07/20, then postponed I do not know why to 12/11/20, then again postponed to 12/14/20, soon I will have my package wrapped as a Christmas gift? I do not expect an answer from them, since they are turning a deaf ear. But to sell, they hear well! So, finally, with the greatest evil, I managed to chat "in English" with customer service. It seems that they have 60 days to deliver. Beyond that, you have to reach the insurance department to be refund."

Erica J says

"Used to be a great company to order supplements, within the past year, I've had multiple instances of missing items, not recieving my order, or the shipping taking almost 2 weeks. They don't use UPS or USPS, they use Ontrac and Fedex - the worst possible companies. I'll be ordering from Swanson from now on."

Sheila K. O'Connor says

"I like that they have good prices. However, for the second time in a month, I order from my smart phone. I print out the order receipt with the order number on it. Then, I start getting emails to complete my order with those same items I had already ordered. I fell for it the first time and ended up paying for two orders. Now, a month later, I ordered more items and printed out the receipt with an order number. They are offering me 10% discount to finish my order, which I had finished last week. There is no record of my order in my account. Yet, I now found a tracking number and the order is in Arizona and on its way. Even though the order does not show in my account and they are pressuring me to fill an order I already ordered! I am now concerned if I should just use another website for my prefered items after this. I do not trust Vitacost any more."